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Enrich events and brand activation.

We make on-site event registration a breeze. Enhance the experience of participants through an event that knows its participants. Amplify the event’s media value through personal content generation for social media. Tell a colorful story of the event with our KPI reports.

Events Management

Brand Activation


Live Registration

Handle on-site and pre-registered participants efficiently with Goorana’s Live Registration. Facilitate smooth flow during registration by accurately and quickly capturing participants’ names, contact details, and even their pictures.

Manage with Real-Time Data

Control attendees’ movement and restrict access through multiple Goorahna stations. Ease event interactions by enabling mobile devices to instantly capture contact details. Communicate to participants more effectively through digital content immediately delivered to them.

Recognize Attendees

Provide certificates and recognitions to the correct participants with accurate and up-to-date event information. Conduct interactive raffles and contests that target actual event-goers. Instantly check gate attendance to electrify the crowd and encourage onlookers.


Enhance the Experience

Make events one of a kind and stay on the guests' memories longer. Build stronger emotional connection between the brand and the customer by providing an enhanced activation experience. Knowing more about the participants allows more personalized experiences and memories. Customize activities that are more interactive, gamified, intimate.

Amplify the Reach

Connect the activity to guests' online life. Generate quality content for the guests to let their networks learn about the event and the brand and take advantage of the personalized endorsement, today's most effective marketing tool.

Learn from the Activity

Goorahna analytics allows the brand to learn more about its market. Follow up on strong leads. Pivot marketing strategies and validate market assumptions with actual data. Explore big data solutions with the generated information from the activation.

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